City Roundup

Nine Wonderful Days in Florida – Part One: Fort Lauderdale

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We had to kick our nearly 9 months trip around Central America off in the nicest way possible, and when we found the super cheap ticket for Fort Lauderdale it didn’t take us a long time to buy them.

With two $276 one-way tickets in hand, we boarded our plane to The Sunshine State on December 9th. We were happy to trade rainy Denmark with sun and ocean views in our all-time favorite US state.

After 11 hours on the plane, one and a half hours in line at Border Control and half an hour of sweating and explaining to immigration officers, we were happy to finally step outside and inhale the fresh air, still warm even though it was late. Ahh – we were home.


Amsterdam: An Unexpected Love Affair

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I’d heard nice things about Amsterdam. And seen pictures. Yet, my expectations weren’t super high when we reached Amsterdam.

It might have had something to do with the incredible long ride from Berlin to Amsterdam with very little to see and experience on the way. We were exhausted to say the least when we finally hit Amsterdam.

After setting up our tent at our campground we headed towards Amsterdam.

And boy, was I blown away. (more…)

Five days in wonderful Berlin

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Berlin was the first major city on our way to Rome and we were both very happy that we went! We spent five lovely days in Berlin and totally blew our budget with a four nights hotel stay. But we had a great time and really had a chance to get a feel of Berlin.

You can really still sense the tragic history that Berlin has when walking around the city. It has fewer old buildings and a completely different feel than most other European cities.

But Berlin is a city full of life and joy and we’ve tried to put together some of the best highlights from the city. Hope you enjoy. (more…)

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