Digital Nomad

Is Living as a Digital Nomad the Future?

oDesk Survey

I came across this amazing infographic the other day and just had to show it with you. It was made by oDesk who has created an amazing platform for freelancers to find work that they can do from wherever in this world.

Take your time to read through the findings. The data is from a survey where they asked 3,193 freelancers some questions. Among the people asked, 1,958 were Millennials (people between the age 19 and 30).

I wouldn’t call the findings shocking, but it definitely sounds like we’ll see much more people embracing the digital nomade lifestyle in the years to come! How exciting is that!? (more…)

Looking Back at our First 6 Months as Digital Nomads

 photo DSC_0570_zps1a3c0ead.jpg

It’s crazy how time flies. It feels like just yesterday we were running around trying to get all our crap to fit on our Velorbis bikes, before setting off on our amazing bike trip around Europe.

Still, it seems far away. It’s a weird feeling, but because we’ve had so many adventures these past 6 months, the first one seems extremely far away.

But it has been 6 months. Half a year. And we’re still loving this lifestyle. On December 25th it was exactly 6 months ago we started living as digital nomads. It has been tough, fun, inspiring and challenging. We’re still learning and making lots of mistakes. But we’re getting better. (more…)

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