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Nine Wonderful Days in Florida – Part Two: South Beach, Miami

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In the first part of trilogy of posts about our nine lovely days in Florida we showed you photos from the great city of Fort Lauderdale. But we also managed to make it down to our favorite city in Florida: Miami.

Don gave us a lift to the bus station and saying goodbye felt both sad and exciting: we were going to miss Don and his kindness, but we were also eager to go to Miami. We still keep in touch with him – gotta love technology!

The bus was ridiculously cheap – $3,5 for the both of us to Aventura Mall where we’d have to change busses. There we were, sitting on the bus with our bakcpack on our laps. (more…)

Our Home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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As you know we’re in Playa del Carmen in Mexico right now. We have rented a space for one month here and we already thinking about staying for one more month – since Playa del Carmen is just a perfect place.

One of the questions we get asked the most, is how we can afford our lifestyle of constant travelling – and in this post we’ll show you just how we’re drastically cutting the number 1 expense while travelling: accommodation.

It might seem glamorous when you look at our photos of the beach. The Caribbean Sea is beyond gorgeous, but we are definitely not living as kings and queens here. So we thought we’d show you where we live for this month. (more…)

Looking Back at our First 6 Months as Digital Nomads

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It’s crazy how time flies. It feels like just yesterday we were running around trying to get all our crap to fit on our Velorbis bikes, before setting off on our amazing bike trip around Europe.

Still, it seems far away. It’s a weird feeling, but because we’ve had so many adventures these past 6 months, the first one seems extremely far away.

But it has been 6 months. Half a year. And we’re still loving this lifestyle. On December 25th it was exactly 6 months ago we started living as digital nomads. It has been tough, fun, inspiring and challenging. We’re still learning and making lots of mistakes. But we’re getting better. (more…)

Merry Christmas from the Caribbean

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We thought we would quickly check in to wish everybody a very merry Christmas all the way from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

This year is very different for us. Jonas has tried celebrating christmas abroad when he was a child and lived in Africa, but this time is the first for me!

I’ve always hated the cold weather in Denmark. But Christmas has always been great – I love the traditional Christmas food in Denmark, it’s so yummy. And being with family is always great too.  (more…)

Goodbye Passport: Looking Back at Memories

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My new and old passport

As you know, we are currently in Denmark. We had to go back before leaving for our next big adventure, since my passport had expired.

We wouldn’t have needed two and a half weeks in Denmark though. Our bureaucracy is pretty well here, I ordered my passport on Monday and received it in the mail on Wednesday! That’s some fast processing…

However, that is not the fastes I’ve ever got my passport. Let me tell you the five years old story about my old passport, that recently expired (more…)

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