We are enjoying having a kitchen

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One of the things I missed the most when we stayed at hotels or small apartments was the ability to cook an amazing dinner. Soon we will be on the road again so I have been enjoying making dinner again.

I love eating out but at the same time I love making my own dinner because I’m in total control of what I’m eating and I can eat crazy amounts of meat when I eat at home without spending a fortune.

Today we ate pulled pork. We actually ate it in Mexico and it tasted horrible because it wasn’t cooked slowly enough. The meat was sooooo dry. You need to cook the roast for at least 8 hours.

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 photo DSC_0749_zpsd0d1cc02.jpgAlmost as beautiful as pulled pork. :D

Valentine’s Day at Sushiclub, Playa del Carmen

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We just returned from the best dinner we’ve had so far on our trip – and we’ve been travelling for 8 months soon! Today was Valentine’s Day and even though Danes aren’t huge on the whole Valentine’s thing (check out our comments on A Cruising Couple’s post on Valentine’s Day around the world) we gave in and splurged on a fancy dinner.

The other day we walked past a place called Sushiclub – and it looked sooo fancy. And when we decided to do something nice for Valentine’s we just knew we had to go there. (more…)

Discovering Venezuelan Food: Kaxapa Factory in Playa del Carmen

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Pabellón Criollo – Venezuelan national dish at Kaxapa Factory

You already know this, but we love to eat and try out new foods. It’s normally a great way to get a feel for a country, and today we had an amazing experience that we simply just need to share with you right away.

We often find ourselves strolling down Avenida Constituyentes here in Playa del Carmen. We walk from Avenida 5 – 30 on Constituyentes and have passed this little restaurant a million times.

The word “gluten free” caught our eyes. I’m often feeling pretty bad when eating gluten and Jonas avoids it too. So we decided to walk inside and have a look. The little restaurant is normally full of people dining and laughing, but today we spotted a free table and decided to go inside.  (more…)

Eating: Lyon – Local Sweets

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As we’ve mentioned before we are huge fans of exploring a city through its food. What better way to connect with a place than to eat delicious local treats!?

We loved Lyon deeply. Mostly because we had such an amazing couchsurfing experience there, but also because the city had so much to offer. In this post we’ll guide you through the delicious local treats and special Lyonnaise candy.

But first some typical French treats that we can’t seem to get enough of! (more…)

Eating Belgium: Waffles, Waffles, And More Waffles

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When most people think about Belgium, waffles are almost always on their mind. And in Belgium there are lots of opportunities to have waffles. We couldn’t resist. We had a lot of waffles.

Belgium is also famous for their chocolate, and while we talked a lot about trying some great Belgian chocolate, we never came around to it. Well, we’ll save that for next time!

We were only in Belgium briefly, but here’s a selection of what we ate (that were worth photographing). Writing this post really made me hungry for one of those delicious waffles… Enjoy! (more…)

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