Where To Find The Best Croissant In Paris

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When I think of France I almost emidiately think about croissants. French people eat them all the time, right? I’ve never really understood why. Most croissants I’ve ever had were dry and not very indulging.

When we were in Paris, we though we’d give this popular pastry a chance. But we wanted to get the very best one and set off to find the best croissant in Paris. To see what all the fuss was really about.

We didn’t want to wander around the city trying every single croissant (lie! I totally did!), so we asked the great Google for a little guidance. We found this hillariously written article on the subject.

We took notes of the places he recommended and set off to be blown away by the very best croissant that Paris has to offer. (more…)

Eating Amsterdam: 5 Treats You Shouldn’t Miss

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We love to experience a city through food. It’s great connecting with a new place through its food, and it’s something that we do a lot when we travel.

Therefore we want to do a series of these “Eating” posts in the future, and this is the first one! Here’s something for the sweet tooth. We really had some nice treats in Amsterdam!

When you’ve read this post you might think that we’re disgusting animals, indulging in desserts and junkfood. We’re not. But we like to have a nice treat every now and then and Amsterdam is really the place for that. We haven’t been to restaurants in Amsterdam, since we’re on a strict budget, so enjoy these lovely treats. Mmm… (more…)

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