Europe Bike Trip

Photo Essay: Historic and Beautiful Avignon

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Southern France kept surprising us. The weather was getting better and the towns just continued to be more and more beautiful.

We were eager to reach the Mediterranean Sea – which would be a huge milestone – but Avignon and the other beautiful cities made us want to slow down, and once we left we felt like we had still missed loads of what the cities had to offer.

Avignon were one of our favorite cities cycling down along the Rhône. We want to share some of its beauty with you in this photo essay.  (more…)

Europe Bike Trip: Day 39 – 42

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These four bike days were extremely intense and exciting. We had some amazing cities to visit – Avignon and Arles – and on the fourth day we would finally reach the Mediterranean Sea.

That was a huge milestone for us. We would be following the Mediterranean Sea all the way to Rome and we knew that we had probably the most beautiful route ahead of us.

But of course, we didn’t reach the Mediterranean Sea without running into some trouble… Read all about it here: (more…)

Europe Bike Trip: Day 35 – 38

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Working our way down the Rhône river from Lyon was an incredible ride. In this region, the landscape is constantly changing and there was no doubt that we were heading south.

All over there were amazing scenery to take pictures of. I was constantly asking Jonas to stop so I could take some pictures. The weather was incredible and we started to become more and more excited about the whole trip.

There are some pretty pictures in this post, I have to say… Hope you enjoy! (more…)

Three Things I Learned On Our Bike Ride

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On our trip we learned a lot of different things about the countries we rode through. But I also learned new things about myself. You always learn something about yourself and your own culture when meeting other people’s culture.

Here are some of the things that I learned on the trip.


The Anticlimactic Feeling of Reaching Rome

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So, we’ve been quite silent here on the blog for some time. And you might be wondering why. We’re fine – and we did it! We rode our bikes from Copenhagen to Rome. 3744 crazy km through Europe.

We reached Rome on October 2nd and stayed there until the 8th where we boarded a flight back to Denmark. Right now we’re on the road again, this time in Portugal, but we’ll get back to that in another post.

We’d really like to explain what Rome was like, and how it was everything we hoped for but still – to some extent – a huge disappointment. (more…)

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