Appreciating Paradise – A Day in Playa del Carmen

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Today we had a weird day. Yesterday night we didn’t go to bed – or Jonas didn’t. I slept for three hours. We did a good old all nighter. We actually thought we were done with these, but we felt like we had to…

Since Christmas (!) we’ve been struggling with our sleep. We fell into a bad habit of staying up until late and then sleeping until past noon! The result was that we found ourselves always short on time, mostly just fooling around after dinner, watching movies on YouTube and so on.

It was bad for us. We tried numerous times to turn it around but we really couldn’t. So this all nighter was sort of a must.

So today, both feeling hungover by the lack of sleep and just walked around Playa del Carmen. And you know what? We saw the city in a completely different light. I couldn’t help but falling even deeper in love with this place, paradise, and I came to appreciate this place more than I’ve had before. (more…)

Exciting News: Nomadic Danes Partner With Velorbis

Velorbis Scrap DeluxeAs we wrote on our Facebook Page last week, we had a very exciting meeting this Thursday. We didn’t know what to expect, and I was up all night preparing for what to say and what to do. The meeting was short, to the point and now we have two amazing bikes for our crazy journey this summer!

We approached Velorbis some weeks back and told them about our idea of biking from Copenhagen in Denmark to Rome in Italy. We proposed that they might be interested in partnering with us so that we could ride their bikes on the journey.  (more…)

The Best Adventures Are The Ones You Didn’t Plan

Frederiksberg Have

Picture from a lovely walk in Frederiksberg Have

I totally slept in yesterday. I woke up at 12.40 pm, confused and angry with myself for being so lazy. The great thing about working from home and working for yourself is that you decide when, where and how to do your work.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to pursue this lifestyle was that I would never have to wake up early again and never set an alarm again. I need 9-10 hours sleep everyday and waking up early has never been my thing.

But 12.40…

Jonas made me coffee and we sat and talked about this and that. The weather outside was amazing for the first time since… Well, I don’t remember, so we decided to go for a walk. (more…)

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