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Monday Memory #6 – Marseille Was Beautiful

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Yay! It’s Monday and we’re once again remembering beautiful parts of our Europe Bike Trip that we really enjoyed. Today we’ll look back on a city that doesn’t really have the best reputation but really surprised us.

Marseille is supposed to be this very dirty and unpleasant city – and parts of it really is dirty and seems dangerous. We saw most of the city by bike and had to drive through some very sketchy areas. At one point it seemed as if we’d travelled to the Middle East!

Traffic was one big mess. Cars were everywhere and constantly honking at each other and drove around manically. There are some insane ghettos in Marseille but besides feeling that everything was bad and dangerous we didn’t experience anything negative (besides the reckless driving!).

Camping in Marseille

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We lived a bit out of town and had a crazy bike ride to the old (and pretty) part of Marseille. We actually camped in Marseille – something we didn’t think would be possible.

But it was! There’s a small camp outside Marseille called Yes We Camp!

It was very weird and sort of a place where people seemed to live or stay for a long period of time. It was very hippie and we felt a little out of place – but the price was right! At just 9€ a night it takes the spot as the cheapest camping we did on our entire trip!

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The “Gastonnette” car served as the campsite’s trading station. At Yes We Camp! they didn’t use Euros but Gastonnettes – a selfmade currency that was the only accepted one to purchase anything with.

The had different types of food stations there and everybody seemed to be pretty high and service was slow and the food was cold. We ate there the first night and had a lot of fun watching the characters there.

Vieux-Port de Marseille

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The old port of Marseille is the main area for tourists now – it’s huge and really a beautiful port. And here we didn’t see any signs of Marseille’s dirty reputation. The port is as beautiful as any port and people were nice.

Along the marina were lots of very nice cafés and restaurants serving very nice looking seafood. We only had one day in Marseille and we walked by it all pretty quickly.

We saw an old fort placed very close to the old port and a museum in that area as well. The view from the fort was gorgeous: the port with all the ships to the left and the Mediterranean Sea to the right. Love!

Walking around Marseille

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Marseille is as beautiful as any other city in France and the architecture is my favorite! All the old houses and buildings have the perfect, romantic French touch that can be found all around the old cities in France.

I’m such a sucker for it. It’s so gorgeous and I’ll never tire of walking around in a beautiful French City… Sigh.

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We walked around a lot in Marseille. There were lots of narrow streets and hidden shops all over. It had a very unique feel – almost like a very artsy feel.

We ended our tour around Marseille at a nice little café where I had an amazing cake: a fusion between a macaron and a cupcake – the French really understand cakes!

Château d’If

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The next day, we left Marseille. We were excited to continue to its neighboring city Cassis but would also have loved to see more of Marseille. We biked right past the Château d’If where the The Count of Monte Cristo is imprisoned in the book of the same name.

It’s possible to go on a tour to see Château d’If but when we were in Marseille the wind was too insane and they had decided to stop the boats going there. Too bad! We would have loved to see it on the inside as well…

What do you think? Doesn’t Marseille look nice?

Monday Memory #5: Looking Back on Monaco

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When we were on our bike trip through Europe last summer, we ended up not blogging too much about many of the lovely places we visited. We were simply worn out and whenever we had a free moment between sweating on the bikes and sleeping we had to work.

As our time here in Central America is beginning to run out (we need to be back in Denmark for some commitments this summer), we’re beginning to be excited for a summer in amazing Europe.

And so to warm you guys up for it, we thought we’d share some tales from our European summer last year in Monday Memories (which we started some months back and then stopped…)

Today we’ll look back on one of our absolute favorite destinations in Europe: Monaco. Prepare yourself for some eyecandy! (more…)

Monday Memory #4 – 5 Years Anniversary in Saint-Tropez

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We’re ready with another amazing travel memory. Every Monday we share a new memory with you here on the blog. Travelling is all about collecting great memories and memories are one the greatest things you can share!

This week we look back on September 15th this year. We were on our bike ride through Europe, and had made it to Saint-Tropez in time to celebrate our 5 years anniversary as a couple!  (more…)

Monday Memory #3 – Day Trip to Koh Phi Phi

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We’re ready with another amazing travel memory. Every Monday we share a new memory with you here on the blog. Travelling is all about collecting great memories and memories are one the greatest things you can share!

In January 2011 we got a great deal on a 16 days trip to Thailand. We were quick to buy it and we had an amazing time!

While in Thailand, we went on some day trips. They were extremely cheap and each and every one of them seemed so interesting! Today, our Monday Memory is our day trip to Koh Phi Phi. (more…)

Monday Memory #2 – Seeing Pandas For The First Time

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We’re ready with another amazing travel memory. Every Monday we share a new memory with you here on the blog. Travelling is all about collecting great memories and memories are one the greatest things you can share!

Today’s travel memory is from 2011 when Jonas was studying a semester at San Diego State University. I visited him twice in the 5 months he was there and we have so many great memories from those times.

We love animals. Of all kinds and all sizes. We find them extremely interesting and they’re always doing funny things. So we enjoy going to the zoo, obviously… (more…)

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