Take a day off and see the world

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In our New Year’s resolutions we wrote that we wanted to remember to take a day off. I guess it can be hard to understand why we need to take a day off because we are already on vacation in Mexico. Right?

Not really!

We decided to leave Denmark because we wanted to travel the world while working. But we still need to work – like everyone else.

But when we work on the road we can explore the world at the same time.

That is the reason why we decided that we need to remember to take a day off and do something different from working. We don’t want to end up with the same work and relax pattern as we had in Denmark.

The idea of travelling while working is to see something new and exciting.


How I Was Almost Not Allowed Entrance To The United States

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Every trip to the US starts at immigration, and on my now nine visits to the US, none of the encounters have been pleasant, but this last one is the worst I’ve tried so far.

I complained about it on our Facebook page, but let me tell you what happened:

The line was long and seemed to not be moving. It did, of course, but slowly. We ended up waiting in line for a little more than one and a half hours. Ugh! So annoying after a long flight. (more…)

You Don’t Need A Master Plan

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When we decided we wanted to travel to South America and Central America people kept asking us where we would travel first. They couldn’t understand that we one day told them, that we were going to South America and the next day we were going to USA.

We started telling everyone that we were going to Brazil, then Argentina, then Brazil, then Mexico and we ended up in the US before arriving to Mexico yesterday.

All we really know is that we want to see Central America and South America. The order of the countries doesn’t really matter to us.


Goodbye Passport: Looking Back at Memories

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My new and old passport

As you know, we are currently in Denmark. We had to go back before leaving for our next big adventure, since my passport had expired.

We wouldn’t have needed two and a half weeks in Denmark though. Our bureaucracy is pretty well here, I ordered my passport on Monday and received it in the mail on Wednesday! That’s some fast processing…

However, that is not the fastes I’ve ever got my passport. Let me tell you the five years old story about my old passport, that recently expired (more…)

Lost In Translation

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As a Dane who only speaks English, Danish and some German it was very hard to arrive in the French part of Belgium and France. Suddenly it was hard to just order something to eat. Most of the time it works by pointing on the menu card.

I learned that it’s very frustrating not to be understood by anyone. When I’m tired I don’t even have the energy to explain myself. I realized that you really have to be well rested, because it’s tough mentally to communicate in a totally foreign language, so you need a lot of energy to communicate.

I realized this at a McDonald’s in Bruxelles, where I tried to order a Parfait (a dessert) with chocolate and a sparkling water. (more…)

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