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Photo Essay – My African Dream – Part 3

 photo at-lake-kariba_zpseb5ee3f4.jpg

I received more photos from when I lived in Zimbabwe and I wanted to share them with our readers. So now you get a part 3 and 4, and then there wouldn’t be any more photos from the time I lived in Zimbabwe with my parents. The next time I post photos from Zimbabwe it will be when I travel there with Celia. It will happen someday. :D

The photos are from my parents’ friend, Ally, who was so nice to share her photos from Zimbabwe. My father scanned them and emailed them to me. Thanks Dad and Ally. :D

I hope you enjoy the photos. I did. :D


Appreciating Paradise – A Day in Playa del Carmen

 photo DSC_1143_zps178248af.jpg

Today we had a weird day. Yesterday night we didn’t go to bed – or Jonas didn’t. I slept for three hours. We did a good old all nighter. We actually thought we were done with these, but we felt like we had to…

Since Christmas (!) we’ve been struggling with our sleep. We fell into a bad habit of staying up until late and then sleeping until past noon! The result was that we found ourselves always short on time, mostly just fooling around after dinner, watching movies on YouTube and so on.

It was bad for us. We tried numerous times to turn it around but we really couldn’t. So this all nighter was sort of a must.

So today, both feeling hungover by the lack of sleep and just walked around Playa del Carmen. And you know what? We saw the city in a completely different light. I couldn’t help but falling even deeper in love with this place, paradise, and I came to appreciate this place more than I’ve had before. (more…)

Photo Essay: My African Dream – Part 2

 photo meswimming_zpsa26eb092.jpg

In the second part of my childhood pictures from Africa you can see what I spend most of my time on while living in Zimbabwe. It’s mostly pictures with me enjoying the weather.

When we were in Africa it was before the era of digital pictures, so I have to scan all the old pictures to put them on our blog. Because we are travelling to USA on Monday I don’t have the time to collect and then scan photos of Victoria Falls. It’s too bad because it’s very beautiful.


Photo Essay: My African Dream – Part 1

 photo wheninzimbabwe_zps245098e3.jpg
Me and my parents in Africa in 1995

At the moment Celia and I are visiting my parents before we are travelling to USA next Monday. When you visit your parent’s house you also find memories from your childhood. In particular photos are the best memories because you can share your childhood memories with all your friends.

Today I will share some of my childhood memories with our readers, because these memories are the beginning for my urge to live and travel in other countries, than in the country where I was born. When I was 12-13 years old, I lived in Zimbabwe with my parents where they worked for a Danish NGO.


Photo Essay: Historic and Beautiful Avignon

 photo DSC_0686_zpsf7a8cf75.jpg

Southern France kept surprising us. The weather was getting better and the towns just continued to be more and more beautiful.

We were eager to reach the Mediterranean Sea – which would be a huge milestone – but Avignon and the other beautiful cities made us want to slow down, and once we left we felt like we had still missed loads of what the cities had to offer.

Avignon were one of our favorite cities cycling down along the Rhône. We want to share some of its beauty with you in this photo essay.  (more…)

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