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Photo Essay: Paris Part 2

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Did you see our first photo essay from Paris? I took so many photos in Paris. It inspired me in a way I’d never tried before. This city is magical. And I just couldn’t stop myself.

In this second and last photo essay from our days in Paris there’s a little something for every taste. You’ll see famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Cœur and Moulin Rouge, indulge in delicious croissants from the best pâtisserie in Paris and get a feel of Louvre.

We had an amazing time in Paris. And we love the city, there’s no doubt about that. No matter how you feel about Paris no one can argue that this is an incredibly beautiful city. (more…)

Photo Essay: Paris Part 1

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Do you see us?!

Oh, Paris… Paris is by far the most amazing city we’d been to on this trip. Yeah, I said it. And I know that some of you might disagree, but I hope through this post to show the beauty of the French Capitol.

One of my best friends love Paris. She loves France and everything French. But mostly Paris. I have never understood why she always went to Paris when she could go somewhere new?

Well, now I understand. I was mesmerized with the city. Jonas and I walked hand in hand along the cozy streets, we stood in awe looking at the old buildings – we took it in. And we loved everything about it.

Here’s the first of two photo essays from Paris. No matter how you feel about Paris and French people there’s no arguing that this is indeed a beautiful city… (more…)

Photo Essay: A Brief Look At Bruxelles

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Bruxelles really surprised us with its beauty. We hadn’t really been looking forward to Bruxelles, since all we ever see about the city has a lot to do with the EU. On tv the city looks cold and boring. It was not a city high on our bucket list, but it was on our route, so we stopped by.

We were swept off our feet. It’s so different from what you see on tv.

Bruxelles has a very southern European feel and the city is actually very charming and warm. We were kind of sad that we only had two days in the city and when we had to leave we felt like we hadn’t seen a fraction of what Bruxelles has to offer. (more…)

Photo Essay: A Glance At Antwerpen, Belgium

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We spent two nights in Antwerpen in Belgium and had a chance to walk around in the beautiful city.

What surprised us the most was how beautiful the city truly was. We didn’t know much about it before our arrival. I’m really beginning to appreciate our way of travelling – we’re seeing so many beautiful cities that we would have never seen had it not been for our slow travel method.

Here are some pictures that I snapped during our days in Antwerpen – hope you enjoy them! (more…)

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