Where We Stayed in Valladolid: Casa Hamaca Guesthouse

 photo another-room_zps21b1c13c.jpg
The beautiful Tree Suite

After two and a half months in Playa del Carmen we were ready to move on and see some more of Mexico. We were headed to Valladolid in the Yucatán state. We figured it would be the perfect spot to see Chichen Itzá and other ruins.

It really was the perfect place. Both of us fell in love with Valladolid as I mentioned in my last blog post about Mexico. We were overwhelmed and completely in love with the city.

We only had three nights in Valladolid and were lucky enough to be invited into the lovely Casa Hamaca Guesthouse. We felt so much at home there and were sad to leave after our third night! Let us show you why… (more…)

Paradise on Earth: Playa Paraiso, Tulum

 photo DSC_1209_zpsf7353dfb.jpg

We plan on travelling along the Caribbean Sea for a long time. So this is probably not the last time we’ll claim to have found Paradise on Earth. But can you tire of seeing photos of paradise-like beaches? I think not! So here we go…

This week we went to Tulum with our friends Mirje and Antti from Anywhereism. We started off by taking a colectivo (local inexpensive mini bus) to Tulum center and then went straight for a taxi to the Gran Cenote (more on that in another post!).

After that great experience we got another taxi and told him to take us to the beach. “Take us to the most beautiful beach in Tulum!” we demanded. The taxi driver didn’t hesitate: “we’re going to Playa Paraiso” (more…)

The Struggles of a Digital Nomad: Kicked Out Of Starbucks

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We were sitting at a Starbucks in Amsterdam; Jonas was working for a client while I was preparing a post on Berlin. I took a zip of my latte and looked around: not too many people, nice atmosphere and a perfect place to work.

I was actually enjoying my new lifestyle as a digital nomad.

I took an other zip of my latte. Jonas had just finished his second coffee. And that was when the starbucks lady decided to try and snatch away his empty cup (you can get refills if you keep the cup).

– “No, I’ll keep that. I might get a refill later” Jonas said, trying to take back his cup.

– “Yeah, but are you going to buy something later?” the Starbucks lady asked. Still trying to take his cup.

– “Yes, I might buy something later” Jonas answered while the Starbucks lady finally let go of the cup.

– “You should. You should buy something to support our store” She fired back, leaving us both speachless. (more…)

Travel Movie Review: Kon-Tiki

Kon-Tiki review

Not being able to start our travel adventure yet, we have been watching a lot of travel movies lately. It is so inspiring to experience travel through movies – and we are especially crazy about authentic travel movies that allow us to get a taste of real life travelers beyond the normal standards.

Some weeks ago we had the great joy of watching and experience the travel movie Kon-Tiki. (more…)

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