My Love/Hate Relationship With Going Somewhere New

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Every time we stay in a place for a longer period of time I begin to look forward to going somewhere else. One of the best things about travelling full time is, that we get to see a lot of new things all the time.

But a part of me love the daily work routines you get when you make a place your home for a longer period. Like when we stayed two months in Playa del Carmen. I knew where to buy the best coffee, eat good and cheap food etc.

That’s why I’m both sad and happy when we travel to a new place. Like yesterday when we took the bus from Belize City to Flores in Guatemala. Both of us loved Caye Caulker and felt sad to leave it behind as Celia mentioned in her latest blog post.

At the same time we wanted to see something new. My love for travel is bigger than my love for daily routines. To better understand this myself I wrote a travel love and hate list. The hate list is really a love list for daily routines. :D


Next Stop: Guatemala

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Yesterday it was Jonas’ birthday. We had a calm and lovely day on Caye Caulker. We had fry jacks for breakfast, hung out by the ocean, went for coffee and mini doughnuts, talked a lot about future projects, bought the bus ticket for Guatemala, worked a little, went for a walk around the island, had dinner with our favorite Goats, went for ice cream and just relaxed at our perfect little cabana.

But it was also our last day on Caye Caulker. And is night time came my mood just went downhill. I don’t want to leave. I really don’t want to leave!

Our visa expires today. We’ve bought the bus ticket. There’s really no turning back, but Caye Caulker has been treating us so well that I just don’t want to leave.  (more…)

In Contact With my Inner Rastafarian

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Caye Caulker, Belize. Go slow!

In Monaco this summer we couchsurfed with the most amazing guy. He was also hosting four other people (he had 6 surfers every day – wow!). Two of them were Amy and Myles, a married couple from New Zealand.

They had been 6 weeks in Central America before going to Europe, and naturally we had a million questions for them.

One of the things they talked about did not excite me at all: rastafarians. Slow living, lots of marijuana and just plain laziness.

It sounded like hell to me. (more…)

What The Killing Of A Giraffe Teach Us About People

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It’s not often that Denmark is mentioned in international media and when it happens it’s mostly for something that divides people. This time Denmark was mentioned because a zoo in Copenhagen decided to kill a giraffe and hereafter made a public autopsy that children could watch. You can read more about the story right here.

This is not about the giraffe or the life of animals in zoos. I find it hard to understand that some people think that everybody share the same opinion in a country instead of looking at a country as a a large group of individuals, who have different opinions.

On social media some people have expressed that all Danes are horrible and that the killing of a giraffe in a Danish zoo is the reason why they would never visit Denmark. A lot of this outrage is from USA. This is quite fun because a lot of Danes think Americans are horrible, because they get their knowledge about USA from Danish news and entertainment shows from USA.

If you only judge a country because of news stories, which is about something that an individual or the government did, you will never learn anything about a country. Your opinion will solely be based on ignorance and stereotypes.


Is Living as a Digital Nomad the Future?

oDesk Survey

I came across this amazing infographic the other day and just had to show it with you. It was made by oDesk who has created an amazing platform for freelancers to find work that they can do from wherever in this world.

Take your time to read through the findings. The data is from a survey where they asked 3,193 freelancers some questions. Among the people asked, 1,958 were Millennials (people between the age 19 and 30).

I wouldn’t call the findings shocking, but it definitely sounds like we’ll see much more people embracing the digital nomade lifestyle in the years to come! How exciting is that!? (more…)

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