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Nomadic Danes Nominated for Best Danish Travel Blog at Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Awards 2014

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We have some pretty exciting news today! We’re nominated for Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Awards 2014 – for best Danish Travel Blog. We’re up against 9 other Danish “travel blogs”, and we’re the only blog that are actually travelling, so we have our hopes up to win!

If we win we’ll get 6000 DKK (around $1,100 USD) for plane tickets which will only keep us travelling even more! We would be so happy if you would vote for us. It takes 10 seconds and it’s pretty easy:


Click the link above and hit the green botton that says “Stem” (yeah, the whole thing is in Danish!), then enter your email address in the field (remove the tick if you don’t want to receive their newsletter) – and voilà!

We so happy to be nominated since we’re using Skyscanner a lot. Actually being recognised feels amazing and we sooo hope to win! Thank you everyone. :)

New Year’s Resolutions

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We had the greatest night yesterday and entered 2014 dancing on the beach. What an amazing experience. Even though Celia has somehow caught a cold, she managed to stay positive the whole day and we had a blast.

We had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant here in Playa del Carmen: El Fogón. It’s highly popular among the locals, but more and more tourists have also picked up on the goodness.

There is almost a line to get a table all the time. But it’s worth the wait! The food is amazing and it comes at a very great price. The staff is friendly and we always enjoy eating there. Yum. (more…)

How we plan to fund our travels

money for travel

When we tell people about our future travel plans they normally react in the same way. At first they’re excited for us and ask questions about what we’re going to see, where we’ll stay and practical questions like that. Then they pause for a minute and ask:

“But, you didn’t win the lottery or something, did you? How on earth are you going to fund your travels!?”

Well, you might be thinking the exact same thing after reading our previous post. So how are we going to fund our travels? Well, let’s begin by killing the common myth about travel… (more…)

Welcome to our Travel Blog

Travel motivation

Hi and welcome to our travel blog!

We’re Celia and Jonas, a couple from Denmark who are in the process of selling all our stuff, saving money and kick starting our online businesses, before hitting the road and start our new lives as digital nomads. We have created this blog to share our passion for travel and to track our little adventure right from the beginning.

We’re two naturally curious people who love to travel. In our four and a half year together we have visited The United States four times and Thailand once. Those were expensive trips but it has been a huge priority for us to travel and see lots of places. (more…)

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