photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at90408PM_zps78f4825d.pngOn June 25th 2013 we set off on our two amazing city bikes from our old home in Copenhagen. The goal was to ride the bikes all the way to Rome.

We’d had the crazy idea for some months, and when Velorbis of Copenhagen provided us with two wonderful bikes it all became so real.

We were motivated to make it happen and had planned a wonderful route down through some amazing cities and countries in Europe.

Even though many people doubted that we could do it, we managed to reach Rome on October 2nd after three amazing months!

On this page you can read more about our trip and use it as a resource for the blog posts we have posted about the trip.

On the left is our crazy route. Enjoy!

Biking Days

We spent a lot of time on our wonderful bikes since our whole trip evolved around them. Many days were spent just riding the bikes, and we wrote posts about those days to remember them and to inspire others with a similar dream.

Below we have listed all the posts we wrote about the biking days. We haven’t written all of them yet, but we’ll keep this page updated as we write the new posts.


 photo ScreenShot2013-11-12at50344PM_zps385fe8cf.png

Copenhagen – Nørre Alslev

Our crazy first day riding through Denmark.
Read it here

DAY 10 – 14

 photo 68320b71-44f4-4620-9f22-53d0753711cf_zpsd79ad7dd.jpg

Hannover – Amsterdam

We crossed our first border on the bikes – finally!
Read it here

DAY 23 – 26

 photo DSC_02482_zps73ecc9fd.jpg

Paris – Gien

Beautiful days, and the story of how Celia fell in a canal!
Read it here

DAY 2 – 5

 photo aa64f9c7-7f52-4924-b6be-fd218ba2cc96_zps08cedea3.jpg

Nørre Alslev – Berlin

We had a hard time adjusting but finally reached Berlin
Read it here

DAY 15 – 17

 photo 1afcd3f0-fc55-4c3f-b219-4386953dc65c_zps9fc17434.jpg

Amsterdam – Brussels

We entered Belgium and reached EU-City.
Read it here

DAY 27 – 30

 photo 3e2cb655-928c-4fde-a14f-ee6a2ccb1018_zps56014513.jpg

Gien – Paray-le-Monial

Slowly riding through France which was so amazing
Read it here

DAY 6 – 9

 photo 0f98ed8c-f825-49e8-bbe5-a69772c63a64_zpsd51a3471.jpg

Berlin – Hannover

We crossed half of Germnay and finally had great weather
Read it here

DAY 18 – 22

 photo DSC_0428_zps4ed68c70.jpg

Brussels – Paris

An amazing journey and one of the toughest
Read it here

DAY 31 – 34

 photo c8b6fb37-1740-4261-a1cd-766e2a861d27_zps253d7db1.jpg

Paray-le-Monial – Lyon

Following the canals to the amazing city of Lyon
Read it here


We’re still in the process of writing about the last bike days all the way to Rome.


The bikes

 photo DSC_0035_zpsc31be359.jpg
 photo DSC_0044_zps6e0b997c.jpg

We were lucky enough to get our two amazing bikes sponsored by Velorbis of Copenhagen. We approached them because we wanted to make this trip different.

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Normally when people do amazing cycling trips they do them on racing bikes or mountain bikes. These types of bikes are amazing for long trips and they are the obvious choice.

But buying bikes like these are expensive. And after your great trip they’re not so great anymore.

So what we wanted to do was to take normal city bikes and show everyone that you can use them for extended trips as well. We wanted to prove that you can just take your bike and travel the world. You don’t need to invest in the right bike or the right gear.

You can just jump on your bike and go.

 photo DSC_0570_zps1a3c0ead.jpg
Us and the bikes in front of Arc de Triomphe in Paris

The bikes were beyond amazing. We had some issues on the road, but they were all easy to fix and we found the bikes to be very reliable.

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One of the greatest things about the bikes were the saddles. Everyone we told about our bike trip told us to bring bike shorts to prevent sore butts. However, we were determined to do the trip in our own clothes, so we decided to not listen to people’s advice.

Sure, our butts were a bit sore after our 80 km days, but in general we had no troubles at all! The Brooks saddles were just amazing. They’re the most comfortable saddles we’ve ever tried. We managed to ride the 3744 km to Rome without any real pain – who can beat that!?

We both had a Velorbis Scrap Deluxe bike – Celia had the ladies model and Jonas had the gents model – and they were amazing. It’s a heavy bike, but it’s very comfortable to ride – even for long distances.

 photo DSC_0942_zps3fea5d94.jpg

The upright position you have on the bike is so great for your back. We had no back pains at all after a long day on the bikes and we always felt very good while cycling. We could just go on and on.

The bikes are heavy. Very heavy, and thus not as fast as other types of bikes. This is comfort all the way, not speed. But we were not competing in the Tour de France we had the time.

Another major advantage with the Velorbis bikes were the fact that the front carrier and the basket were both mounted to the frame of the bike instead of to the handlebars as they are at other bikes.

This secured that the weight were on the frame and that made the bikes extremely easy to maneuver around corners even with lots of weight in front. We would not have been able to put that much weight in the front of any other bike.

These bikes are by far the best and most comfortable bikes we’ve ever had. They were the perfect fit for our trip and even after 3744 km through Europe, they were still in great shape. We can highly recommend Velorbis of Copenhagen to anyone. This is a quality bike that will follow you for many years while making you look stylish in a cool retro way.

Check out Velorbis of Copenhagen HERE. They are in many countries around the world.

No training, no gear and wearing normal clothes

 photo cfa6bd9d-006c-42e7-ae17-f2519f1a7952_zpsd0fe07f9.jpg

So we did the whole trip on city bikes, with no training and in our normal clothes. And also with no bicycle gear as special bicycle bags. We brought a sports bag and a weekend bag for the trip and carried it on the bikes like that.

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Jonas had the sports bag on his front carrier and Celia had the weekend bag in her front basket. As simple as that.

Halfway into the trip, we decided to ship some things back to Denmark, since we realized that we’d brought too much with us. We also shipped back the sports bag and the weekend bag, and instead bought a 40L backpack each.

We were quite happy with the change and it made everything easier and less heavy for both of us.

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 photo DSC_7887_zpsc358c538.jpg

We did amazing things with the bikes. We took them over mountains in Italy, through forests in Germany, into the most amazing capitals of Europe, on the highway, into people’s homes… Everything.

Those bikes will always have a special place in our hearts. They took us on the most amazing journey of our lives.

Reaching Rome

Reaching Rome on bikes proved to be tougher task than we had ever dreamed of. We struggled a lot with finding a bike friendly way into the Italian capital, but it was impossible.

We ended up riding a few metres on the highway in order to finally make it safely to a bike lane that took us all the way to Trastevere.

We found the last 2-3 weeks to be very tough. We were tired, getting sick, behind with work, not blogging enough, struggling with money… There were lots of aspects that just made the last bit of the adventure a real trial for us.

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But we made it. We’re so happy we did. We’re only now beginning to understand what we actually did. Looking at the map of our route now is crazy and we have no idea how we actually did it.

 photo DSC_02372_zpsd999d7dc.jpg

We’re not done digesting this whole experience, and we’re not done writing about it. We have an eBook in the making and we still have lots of stories to tell. But if you only take away one thing from this let it be:

You can do extraordinary things. Don’t let anyone else tell you different. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Thanks for all your amazing support. We appreciate it more than you know.

Celia & Jonas


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