Europe Bike Trip: Day 2 – 5

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Day 2 – 5 in different colors

We’re finally online after some crazy days in Germany. Who knew finding wifi in Germany would be so hard!? We sure didn’t. But we’re in Berlin now and can finally rest and enjoy some online-time. Ahh. Feels good.

But before talking about Berlin we want to share the crazy days we had in Germany before getting here. Be prepared – it’s a bumpy ride! (more…)

Europe Bike Trip: Day 1

packed and ready

This was how we packed the bikes: Jonas with our bag of clothes and eletronics on his front carrier and tent + sleeping mat on the rack. Me with a bag of bicycle repair gear + food + water + chain lock (heavy!) in my basket and our double sleeping back on the rack. 


So, the night before our trip I was finishing up some work for a client. I had been too caught up in the trip all day to focus on my work. And I needed to finish it. (more…)

Picking up our Velorbis Bikes

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Yesterday we stopped by Velorbis’s store in central Copenhagen to pick up the bikes they have sponsored for us. We were both extremely excited and just couldn’t wait to see the bikes in real life.

They were right in the middle of the store. Two amazingly beautiful bikes with awesome orange details. They’re not to miss – that’s for sure!  (more…)

Photo Essay: Dr. Hauschka International Press Event in Eckwälden, Germany

Dr. Hauschka International Press Event

Do you guys follow us on Instagram? I put up a few pictures there from my amazing trip to Southern Germany on Sunday – Tuesday. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Dr. Hauschka International Press Event 2013 in their amazing headquarters in Eckwälden. I was the only Dane there (besides from sweet Ursula who had invited me and works for the Danish destributor of Dr. Hauschka) but I met some incredible journalists from other European countries. Thank you all for an amazing two and a half days!

I was there because of my Danish beauty blog, and that means that Jonas didn’t join me. Too bad. But the trip was amazing and I took a lot of pictures there that I really want to show you. Enjoy! (more…)

Exciting News: Nomadic Danes Partner With Velorbis

Velorbis Scrap DeluxeAs we wrote on our Facebook Page last week, we had a very exciting meeting this Thursday. We didn’t know what to expect, and I was up all night preparing for what to say and what to do. The meeting was short, to the point and now we have two amazing bikes for our crazy journey this summer!

We approached Velorbis some weeks back and told them about our idea of biking from Copenhagen in Denmark to Rome in Italy. We proposed that they might be interested in partnering with us so that we could ride their bikes on the journey.  (more…)

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