Travel Movie Review: Kon-Tiki

Kon-Tiki review

Not being able to start our travel adventure yet, we have been watching a lot of travel movies lately. It is so inspiring to experience travel through movies – and we are especially crazy about authentic travel movies that allow us to get a taste of real life travelers beyond the normal standards.

Some weeks ago we had the great joy of watching and experience the travel movie Kon-Tiki. (more…)

Welcome to our Travel Blog

Travel motivation

Hi and welcome to our travel blog!

We’re Celia and Jonas, a couple from Denmark who are in the process of selling all our stuff, saving money and kick starting our online businesses, before hitting the road and start our new lives as digital nomads. We have created this blog to share our passion for travel and to track our little adventure right from the beginning.

We’re two naturally curious people who love to travel. In our four and a half year together we have visited The United States four times and Thailand once. Those were expensive trips but it has been a huge priority for us to travel and see lots of places. (more…)

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