Swimming With Sea Turtles for free in Akumal, Mexico + Awesome Video

Swimming turtle at Akumal photo 1553593_654549347937469_948909139_o_zpsa41a84ae.png

One of our best memories from our nearly three months in Mexico was when we went to Akumal and swam with sea turtles! An amazing experience that is totally free.

We actually went there on my birthday but a million things went wrong and we ended up not getting in the water and not swimming with turtles. I was devastated. Instead, we ate overpriced cake in Akumal while the rain poured down…

Only two days later we were back in Akumal and this time we were in luck! We actually found the beach, it was a beautiful day and we swam with sea turtles!

Armed with our GoPro camera we managed to get some amazing footage (be sure to check out our video at the end of this post! (more…)

In Contact With my Inner Rastafarian

 photo DSC_0933_zps5fa076f5.jpg
Caye Caulker, Belize. Go slow!

In Monaco this summer we couchsurfed with the most amazing guy. He was also hosting four other people (he had 6 surfers every day – wow!). Two of them were Amy and Myles, a married couple from New Zealand.

They had been 6 weeks in Central America before going to Europe, and naturally we had a million questions for them.

One of the things they talked about did not excite me at all: rastafarians. Slow living, lots of marijuana and just plain laziness.

It sounded like hell to me. (more…)

Looking Back On Mexico

 photo DSC_0856_zps4ed0b6c6.jpg

It would be more correct to say that I look back on our time in the region of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. There is so much of Mexico we haven’t seen yet. Our time in Mexico was mostly spent at the Mayan Riviera. If you have seen our photos from there, you know why we stayed so long. :D

We have spent our last three months in Mexico and now we look forward to travel to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. When we left Mexico to sail into Belize it was a little sad to say goodbye but at the same time we wanted to see Belize. But we will definitely come back.

This post is about some of the things we loved about Mexico – and a single regret.


Visiting the Tulum Ruins

 photo DSC_1255_zps0ecfa767.jpg

What a busy day we had in Tulum! We kicked it off by swimming in the Gran Cenote and then enjoyed the beautiful Playa Paraiso before we headed off to see the famous Tulum Ruins.

We were excited to finally see our first Mayan ruins (since then we’ve seen many – can’t get enough!) that the Yucatán peninsula is so famous for.

From Playa Paraiso we walked along the beach for around 10 minutes to get to the ruins. Two words: amazing setting! Wow. The beaches in Mexico are unbelievable, and Playa Paraiso was the prettiest we visited. I can really understand why they chose to build a town right by the beach. (more…)

Photo Essay – My African Dream – Part 4

Bulawayo photo bulawayo_zpsf826d978.jpg

As I promised this is my last post of my life in Zimbabwe. Part 3 showed photos of what tourists would see and do when they visited my parents and me in Zimbabwe.

In this post you can see some of the photos that shows how I experienced Zimbabwe. When you stay a long time in a place it becomes a part of your everyday life and most of your memory isn’t from all the tourist places.


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