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Yesterday we stopped by Velorbis’s store in central Copenhagen to pick up the bikes they have sponsored for us. We were both extremely excited and just couldn’t wait to see the bikes in real life.

They were right in the middle of the store. Two amazingly beautiful bikes with awesome orange details. They’re not to miss – that’s for sure! 

They weren’t ready yet, as the advertising plates on both bikes were not yet installed. We decided to look around the store while they finished up our beautiful bikes.

Velorbis’s store on Nørre Farimagsgade is quite small, but they have lots of bikes there for you to look at. We spotted some pretty awesome bikes there, that we’d love to show you.

 photo 9a056374-5b9b-44c1-86ff-2923428feaf5_zps21ca4ebe.jpg
 photo 1d50c7cc-3376-4061-91f9-5139bef15d12_zpsa24d4027.jpg
 photo 044bcb9c-7c9e-41d5-8084-7c858e3fad40_zps0346ad3b.jpg
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Pretty, huh!? I was sooo in love with the Carlsberg bike! Carlsbergs headquarters are located very close to where we used to live and I love how they use bikes as means of transportation in Copenhagen. And advertising while doing this is pretty cool I think.

Velorbis produce lots of bikes for companies. Copenhagen is a pretty small city, and getting around by bike is the most common way to get around here. Combining that with a beautiful bike with advertising plates is so clever.

Most bikes are equipped with lovely leather details: Brooks leather saddle, handle grip and mud flap. We have this on our bikes too, and the handle grips feel so amazing! And they look pretty good too.


 photo 5f623bb8-bd04-4720-a442-86929049222a_zpse5406eea.jpg
 photo 2bd18193-51be-49eb-8c79-0f7750582aea_zps10aabaa3.jpg
 photo 60ec7f57-0c95-4976-9351-a73a7d5a1829_zps35d8fd59.jpg
 photo b6b5baff-d893-4d4a-ac0b-f1d939765c73_zpsf892ee0f.jpg
 photo 137f33d6-61ba-439b-8a41-e686357047ee_zpsce59311b.jpg
 photo d57511db-9d29-430f-a0a2-a8fdc914daf1_zps65c81312.jpg
 photo 6dc5dacb-b391-4140-854c-5e17e24813d5_zps0e9c38e1.jpg
 photo e455fd1e-733f-415f-9895-3a1149abea41_zps9d07985a.jpg

Here they are! We’re so happy with how they turned out. The model is called Scrap Deluxe and they look just perfect. This is exactly what we wanted, when we approached Velorbis and couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome! So excited for this!

We’ll start the journey on Monday the 24th. We have a few more loose ends that we need to focus on. We also bought a tent and a double sleeping bag (how cute is that!?) – but we’ll give you an updated packing list when we have everything.

Last night we took the bikes for a little test ride around Copenhagen – we’ll post more on that later!

How do you like our bikes? :)

2 Comments on Picking up our Velorbis Bikes

  1. john lewis
    September 12, 2013 at 9:27 pm (4 years ago)

    How much is the Urban gent. I would like one

    • Celia Schow
      September 17, 2013 at 7:16 pm (4 years ago)

      You can check out the prices on their website. :) I think it varies after where you live. :)


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