A Quick Hello – And Our Next Trip

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The view from our place for a month, on Amager, Copenhagen

Wow, it’s been a while, huh?! We honestly have been doing everything but updating the blog which is really a shame…

As you can see from the previous posts we’re now back in Denmark. It’s been nice so far. We’ve both forgotten how awesome summer time in Denmark really is. The light nights are definitely our favorite part! The sun doesn’t set until 10 pm and somehow it doesn’t get as dark in the summer as in Winter.

We have been living with Jonas’ parents, my mom, friends and been able to stay places while people were on vacation. It’s been a bit stressful. But now we have a place for a whole month, which is nice. Finally some peace.

I am actually surprised that I’m enjoying our time in Denmark so much. When we boarded the plane in Fort Lauderdale, I could have cried. I wanted to stay and continue to travel. I was sad when our plane landed in Copenhagen as well. Almost depressed.

But Denmark is growing on me. And I can actually see myself spending my summers here. It’s amazing.

Next stop: Berlin

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Yesterday we made an impulsive decision to go to Berlin – this Sunday! We booked everything yesterday and I’m sooo stoked that we’re going! Even if it’s only for two nights.

If you follow the big thing going on in Brazil right now, you’ll know that Germany just went through to the final in the World Cup in soccer! And they did that kicking Brazil’s ass to a point that made it an embarrassment to watch.

They beat Brazil 7 – 1. Ouch. The Brazilian crowd was crying, people started leaving the stadium in the break (where Germany was already leading 5 – 0), and when it was over, the Brazilian team broke down in tears. Double ouch. 

If you didn’t watch the game, this gif sums up what happened pretty well:

(Omg I love gifs sooo much!) So with our neighboring country through to the final, we decided to go down to Berlin and be a part of the celebration and watch the final at Brandenburger Tor with the Germans. Denmark didn’t even qualify for this World Cup. Ugh. So we have to act German and root for them this Sunday! I have German roots from maaaany generations ago anyway, so that must count. Right?

We’re flying back on Tuesday so we’ll get a full day in Berlin on Monday. We got a very nice deal on a great hotel and I seriously can’t wait to go!

What have you guys been up to these past months? :)

Five days in wonderful Berlin

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Berlin was the first major city on our way to Rome and we were both very happy that we went! We spent five lovely days in Berlin and totally blew our budget with a four nights hotel stay. But we had a great time and really had a chance to get a feel of Berlin.

You can really still sense the tragic history that Berlin has when walking around the city. It has fewer old buildings and a completely different feel than most other European cities.

But Berlin is a city full of life and joy and we’ve tried to put together some of the best highlights from the city. Hope you enjoy. (more…)

Photo Essay: Small German Towns from Berlin – Hannover

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As mentioned in the summary of our days biking between Berlin and Hannover, the weather was amazing. Because of that I took lots of photos and the sights were just stunning. Germany is such a beautiful country to travel through on bikes. Highly recommend it!

The small towns are amazing. We love the way they’re all “welcoming” you when you enter them with old wooden signs saying “Willkommen” and how they all have lots of descriptions about the town, when it was build and what has happened. It’s really lovely to feel how these towns are appreciated and cared for. Lovely detail!

This is a small photo essay to try to capture the spirit of these small towns. Enjoy! (more…)

Europe Bike Trip: Day 6 – 9

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After leaving Berlin we’ve experienced a lot. We’ve had some amazing biking days and are now in Hannover. An extremely beautiful city – which surprised me since I’ve never heard anyone talk about Hannover. We’ve got a few photos to show you later.

But first, let’s have a look on our four biking days. We had two long days and two shot days, which actually balanced everything quite well. We had the greatest experience in Genthin but that will get its own post.

Enjoy! Lots of pretty photos since the weather has been amazing! (more…)

Leaving Berlin and heading towards Amsterdam

 photo 05db3046-222a-4b31-943f-e3547a5939b4_zps48d6e2d5.jpg

Us in front of the Brandenburger Gate

We arrived very late in Berlin on Saturday and ended up checking in to an expensive hotel in the Pankow area. On Sunday we checked out and had the hotel store our bags while we searched Berlin for a cheap place to stay. We went from hostel to hostel to find somewhere to stay for the full five days we wanted to stay here.

Nothing. Everything was booked and we only saw shaking heads. (more…)

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