Playa del Carmen

Looking Back On Mexico

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It would be more correct to say that I look back on our time in the region of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. There is so much of Mexico we haven’t seen yet. Our time in Mexico was mostly spent at the Mayan Riviera. If you have seen our photos from there, you know why we stayed so long. :D

We have spent our last three months in Mexico and now we look forward to travel to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. When we left Mexico to sail into Belize it was a little sad to say goodbye but at the same time we wanted to see Belize. But we will definitely come back.

This post is about some of the things we loved about Mexico – and a single regret.


Visiting the Tulum Ruins

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What a busy day we had in Tulum! We kicked it off by swimming in the Gran Cenote and then enjoyed the beautiful Playa Paraiso before we headed off to see the famous Tulum Ruins.

We were excited to finally see our first Mayan ruins (since then we’ve seen many – can’t get enough!) that the Yucatán peninsula is so famous for.

From Playa Paraiso we walked along the beach for around 10 minutes to get to the ruins. Two words: amazing setting! Wow. The beaches in Mexico are unbelievable, and Playa Paraiso was the prettiest we visited. I can really understand why they chose to build a town right by the beach. (more…)

Discovering Venezuelan Food: Kaxapa Factory in Playa del Carmen

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Pabellón Criollo – Venezuelan national dish at Kaxapa Factory

You already know this, but we love to eat and try out new foods. It’s normally a great way to get a feel for a country, and today we had an amazing experience that we simply just need to share with you right away.

We often find ourselves strolling down Avenida Constituyentes here in Playa del Carmen. We walk from Avenida 5 – 30 on Constituyentes and have passed this little restaurant a million times.

The word “gluten free” caught our eyes. I’m often feeling pretty bad when eating gluten and Jonas avoids it too. So we decided to walk inside and have a look. The little restaurant is normally full of people dining and laughing, but today we spotted a free table and decided to go inside.  (more…)

A Different Look at Playa del Carmen

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As mentioned in my latest post on Project 365 we went to the beach just before the sun came down last week. I’m not at all experienced in shooting in low light like this, but it’s something I really want to experiment more with.

I shot all this by holding the camera – which is why they are a little blurry. But I still feel like they capture the feel on the beach that night.

Playa del Carmen is beautiful. The beaches are simply gorgeous and like nothing we’ve ever seen before. They are postcard-perfect and photos of them need no retouching – the colors are simply magical with no editing.  (more…)

Appreciating Paradise – A Day in Playa del Carmen

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Today we had a weird day. Yesterday night we didn’t go to bed – or Jonas didn’t. I slept for three hours. We did a good old all nighter. We actually thought we were done with these, but we felt like we had to…

Since Christmas (!) we’ve been struggling with our sleep. We fell into a bad habit of staying up until late and then sleeping until past noon! The result was that we found ourselves always short on time, mostly just fooling around after dinner, watching movies on YouTube and so on.

It was bad for us. We tried numerous times to turn it around but we really couldn’t. So this all nighter was sort of a must.

So today, both feeling hungover by the lack of sleep and just walked around Playa del Carmen. And you know what? We saw the city in a completely different light. I couldn’t help but falling even deeper in love with this place, paradise, and I came to appreciate this place more than I’ve had before. (more…)

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