Tulum ruins

Visiting the Tulum Ruins

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What a busy day we had in Tulum! We kicked it off by swimming in the Gran Cenote and then enjoyed the beautiful Playa Paraiso before we headed off to see the famous Tulum Ruins.

We were excited to finally see our first Mayan ruins (since then we’ve seen many – can’t get enough!) that the Yucatán peninsula is so famous for.

From Playa Paraiso we walked along the beach for around 10 minutes to get to the ruins. Two words: amazing setting! Wow. The beaches in Mexico are unbelievable, and Playa Paraiso was the prettiest we visited. I can really understand why they chose to build a town right by the beach. (more…)

Paradise on Earth: Playa Paraiso, Tulum

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We plan on travelling along the Caribbean Sea for a long time. So this is probably not the last time we’ll claim to have found Paradise on Earth. But can you tire of seeing photos of paradise-like beaches? I think not! So here we go…

This week we went to Tulum with our friends Mirje and Antti from Anywhereism. We started off by taking a colectivo (local inexpensive mini bus) to Tulum center and then went straight for a taxi to the Gran Cenote (more on that in another post!).

After that great experience we got another taxi and told him to take us to the beach. “Take us to the most beautiful beach in Tulum!” we demanded. The taxi driver didn’t hesitate: “we’re going to Playa Paraiso” (more…)

Photo of the Day – Iguana in Tulum, Mexico

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So I’m not sure what the status with my Project 365 is. I know there have been days where I have not taken a photo. I hope to do a status soon.

But today I took a lot of photos. We were in Tulum to see their famous ruins and also swam in the Gran Cenote. Amazing day! I have a million photos to edit and I can’t wait to show you how amazing Tulum was!

But first – here’s a photo from today: a beautiful iguana enjoying the sun on the ruins in Tulum. We saw lots of iguanas today, and many of them were very big – like this one. We also saw lots of them fight!

Isn’t it beautiful? :)

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