Photo Essay – My African Dream – Part 4

Bulawayo photo bulawayo_zpsf826d978.jpg

As I promised this is my last post of my life in Zimbabwe. Part 3 showed photos of what tourists would see and do when they visited my parents and me in Zimbabwe.

In this post you can see some of the photos that shows how I experienced Zimbabwe. When you stay a long time in a place it becomes a part of your everyday life and most of your memory isn’t from all the tourist places.


Photo Essay: My African Dream – Part 2

 photo meswimming_zpsa26eb092.jpg

In the second part of my childhood pictures from Africa you can see what I spend most of my time on while living in Zimbabwe. It’s mostly pictures with me enjoying the weather.

When we were in Africa it was before the era of digital pictures, so I have to scan all the old pictures to put them on our blog. Because we are travelling to USA on Monday I don’t have the time to collect and then scan photos of Victoria Falls. It’s too bad because it’s very beautiful.


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