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Hi and welcome to our travel blog!

We’re Celia and Jonas, a couple from Denmark who are in the process of selling all our stuff, saving money and kick starting our online businesses, before hitting the road and start our new lives as digital nomads. We have created this blog to share our passion for travel and to track our little adventure right from the beginning.

We’re two naturally curious people who love to travel. In our four and a half year together we have visited The United States four times and Thailand once. Those were expensive trips but it has been a huge priority for us to travel and see lots of places.

The Grand Canyon South Rim

The Grand Canyon, October 2011

Right now we’re both at critical moments in our lives: Jonas just finished his Masters in Media Studies and should be getting a corporate job now, and Celia dropped out of law school last January and should begin to study something at college this summer.

But none of us want those things.

We keep thinking: is that really it? If we continue down this path that has been laid out for us since we were kids, we should be looking at houses in Surburbia, buying a car or two, get married and start having kids. But it just doesn’t feel right.

On our travels we have both had extended stays in the United States. This had provided us with a different and much more open mind towards the world. Traveling, meeting new people, learning about other cultures and seeing great landmarks have become an urge so powerful that we can’t lock it away and continue to live the life we’re expected to live. 

After finding out that there’s a whole digital nomads society here on the internet we have decided to join all of the other great travelers who know what we’re going through right now.

The process is hard, we can already feel that, but we’re so eager to get on the road! Follow our way towards our dreams. Thank you so much for reading this.


Celia and Jonas

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